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Bierfass, Bykov, Drozhanski, Fisz, Freifeld, Gärtner, Goldsmith, Hamer, Hoch, Lauberfeld, Lischner, Löwenthal, Mond, Orling, Rothstein, Schnell, Tepper, Tobias, Turner, Puryc

Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
New York City [United States]


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Each member of the Tepper group has submitted a summary that can be found below. The summaries present information on their specific genealogical (or other) queries being carried out, including important information such as dates and places. Most members have also chosen to include their e-mail address to facilitate contact if you recognise any details. (Please note that, to prevent the collection of e-mail addresses by spambots, the e-mail addresses below have been broken up by brackets, please delete the spaces and brackets around the @ sign—e.g. e-mail [@] domain.com should be e-mail@domain.com.) Otherwise, contact me (D Gershon Lewental), and I would be happy to put you in touch with the specific individual.

If you would like to join the group and publish your information on this page, as well, simply visit our listserv (http://groups.google.com/group/tepper) or e-mail tepper@reproots.org. To post directly to the group listserv, simply send an e-mail to tepper@googlegroups.com (note that, to prevent unsolicited mailings, you must join the list before you can send e-mails). In order to prevent spammers from joining the list, we require that you provide information about your genealogical query when subscribing.

joel achtenberg

Researching Teper and descendants from Kovel and/or Vladimir-Volynskii, Volhyn, Ukraine. ? Mendel Teper married ? Ehrlich, probably about 1870–80. Known to have lived in Kovel, Ukraine/Poland at least in the early 1900’s. Three children: Frodel, Eliezer/Lasar, Pessa/Pesel. Frodel married Pinchas Pomerantz and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Eliezer/Lasar had 2 sons (b. 1924 and 1926), and a daughter. Pessa/Pesel married Josiah Wiener (probably about 1915) in Kovel, later emigrated to U.S., and had 3 daughters and 2 sons.

Joel Achtenberg
JoelAchtenberg [@] gmail.com

ronit amir-roth

Born Tepper in israel, the daughter of Tepper Willek and Berta Brawerman from Drohobich.

Ronit Amir-Roth
ronit.amiroth [@] gmail.com

jack bader

Searching Tepper from Bolechow [Bolekhiv].

Jack Bader
jackbader [@] gmail.com

ed berkowitz

My paternal great grandmother was born Ida Esther Tepper circa 1850 in Komarov, which is located in what is now Chernivetsa Oblast of Ukraine, just north of Moldava. She married an Itzick Grinowietski, who owned fruit orchards. Ida (Chaike) had four children: Nathan (Nachan), Harry (Elcahan), Rivke, and twin daughters Gussie and Zelda. She and her family were living in Britchen (Brichany), Bessarabia in 1900. Nathan and Harry immigrated circa 1900 and changed their last name to Silverman and settled in the Baltimore Washington DC area. I have located all their descendants. Rivke, my grandmother, married Isaac Berkowitz of Yedinitsy, Bessarabia, and they settled in Brooklyn in 1906. Gussie came to the US but returned to Bessarabia and died of natural causes. Zelda married a blind man and perished in the Holocaust but I don’t know her married name. The 1910 Census lists a Frank Tepper, (23 years old, single cousin, immigrated in 1906, an operator in the fur industry) living with the Berkowitz family at 526 Vermont Street, Brooklyn. That is all I know about the Teppers. I am most anxious to learn more about Zelda and also locate descendants of Frank Tepper.

Ed Berkowitz
eberkowitz [@] sbcglobal.net

marian hattenbach bernstein

My maternal grandmother was Esther Topper, born in 1898 in Ticktin (Tycocin), Lomza Gubernia, Poland. Her father, Yehuda Leb, was a miller who operated a water-powered grain mill on the river. He was married three times. His third wife, my great-grandmother, was Sora Zlateh, who died in a freak accident. She was riding in a horse-drawn sleigh, and children threw snowballs at it. The horse shied, the sleigh overturned, and she was killed. As my grandmother’s half-siblings were all grown (and quite possibly in the US), she ran the household for her father at a very young age. She emigrated to Toledo, Ohio, with him prior to WWI. Her half-brothers and sisters all settled in Ohio, some in Toledo and others in Cleveland and Columbus.

I am looking for any information on Yehuda Leb Topper, his ancestors, wives or descendants.

My maternal grandfather, Louis Teller, was from Zarszyn, near Sanok. I have recently discovered that several of his Teller relatives married Tobiases. Most of them were victims of the Holocaust; I discovered their names while looking through the Pages of Testimony at Yad VaShem.

Marion Hattenbach Bernstein
HLB [@] texas.net

gail ellen spiegel billow

I am seekng the family of Bessie (b. 1869) and Louis (b. 1868) Teiber who emigrated to the USA in the early 1900’s from the Austro-Hungarian Empire [Galicia]. I do not know the town they came from.

Gail Ellen Spiegel Billow
gspiegel2 [@] optonline.net

jonathan joel bloom

My gg-grandmother, Hinda Gitel Teper lived in Seta, Lithuania. (Seta was known as Shat and is very close to Kedainiai.) She was born about 1830 and died about 1887, probably in Seta Lithuania. She married Shmuel Blumzohn (1827 to ca. 1900) and had three sons: Yosef (1860–1939), John (Yakov) (1862–1935), and Simon Isaac (1973–1950), one daughter, Bluma Rosa (1865–1934), and possibly 1 more daughter. Yosef lived in Kedainiai. John, Simon, and Bluma Rosa lived in Norwich, CT. The rest of my information all pertains to the Blumzohn side.

There are two other Tepers I know of from Seta. They are David Teper, son of Abel, and Abel Teper, son of Shimel. These Tepers appear on the 1892 Seta ‘box’-tax payers list on the Seta rabbi’s elector’s list dated 19 November 1898. However, I do not know how they are related.

Jonathan Joel Bloom
jb11 [@] nplus.com

dan breslau

I have a great-great-aunt, Charlotte (Lottie) Adler, who married Sigmond Tepper in 1910. Max and Lottie were both from Hungary (though one source suggests that Max was from Germany.) They lived in Deerfield, New Jersey, and had five children: David (b. 1912), Eugene (1914), Leo (1915), Lilian (1916) and Nathan (1918.) I would like to hear from anyone with information about these children or their descendants.

Dan Breslau
sinespam [@] comcast.net
dbreslau [@] gmail.com

lorraine caplan

My maternal grandfather was William Taper. His mother was Jennie Taper. Some of the Tapers settled in Pittsburgh, PA and some settled in the Boston, MA area. I am uncertain about the country of origin. It is reported variously as Russian and Ukranian.

Lorraine Caplan
speamerfam [@] aol.com

linda depper

Searching Depper and Tepper in Russia.

Linda Depper
rockstarmomma [@] gmail.com

helen tepfer eckman

I have been researching my grandfather’s family for about a 1 1/2. His name was Solomon Tepfer, but originally Tepfer was spelled Toepfer and he emigated to the U.S. from Krystynopol, Austria (now Chervonagrad, Ukraine) in 1893. Unforturnately I know nothing else about his family in terms of who is parents were, any siblings, etc. etc.

Helent Tepfer Eckman
helenandbarrye [@] gmail.com

lou ferreri

This is a long story. I'll make it short. 50 years ago, as a 10-year-old, I tossed a stone over a cemetery fence and broke the glass picture cover of Rachel Tepper. I, and my young friends were stunned. We ran. Recently I revisited the Catskills and happened on the same cemetery. The Rachel and Sam Tepper grave stones were still there. It was an emotional moment. I have since written a manuscript regarding this and other events that occurred during my five day visit. I have always wondered who Rachel and Sam were. I left a small stone on top of each of thier markers and apologised for what I had done. Please let me know anything you can about who they might have been.

Lou Ferreri
St Paul, Minnesota
louzoo [@] visi.com

alison fitzgerald

I've determined that David Tepper (born around 1840 in the Russian empire, likely Zhitomir) is my maternal great-great-great grandfather. The death certificate of my great-great grandmother, Ethel Tepper (married name, Ethel Dix), who was born in Zhitomir identifies her parents as David Tepper and Bella Brucher. Ethel Tepper Dix arrived in the USA around 1910 (her death certificate indicates she arrived in 1917, but the 1925 Census indicates 1910). The 1925 Census also indicates that she arrived in the USA 2 years later than my great-grandmother Clara Dix (some US documents name her as Claire, others as Clara, but in the family she was called ‘Grandma Clara’. I have not been able to locate any passenger records confirming the date of arrival of Ethel Tepper Dix and her children (Morris, Rose and Clara)—I am very interested in tracking down relevant passenger records for them. I am not sure if their first names and surname Dix was different back in Zhitomir (I had looked into it years ago and was advised there was not an exact translation for Dix in that area, however it is possible the surname translated to Dikhtyar). I think, but am not sure, that Ethel Tepper Dix’s husband's name was Bernard or Bernhardt—not sure if he made it to the USA.

Alison Fitzgerald
alifitz [@] gmail.com

tamas fleischer

My father’s maternal grandmother was Etel(ka) Tepper, (1859 Rimaszombat?–1943 Miskolc) wife of Lajos/Leopold Shvacz (1842–1922). Her grave is standing in the Miskolc (Avas hill) big Jewish cemetery, and as she has died in 1943 it was her grave where the surviving members of the Schvarcz and Fleischer families graved the list of the holocaust victims of those families. That is why my father (also with me) visited that cemetery as if his parents were buried there.

I have found but some sporadic Teppers in the registers I looked through for searching the Fleischer and Schvarcz branches. I guess that the death certificate that mentions Lorinc Tepper and Roza Schvarcz as parents of Etel Tepper is not correct, from the other records I can imagine, that Lorinc Tepper and Sali Engel (lived in Nagymihaly) were the parents in the reality and Roza Schvarcz was rather the gm (mother of Lorinc Tepper). Both family stories and this possibilities put the parents in East Slovakia (Rimavska Sobota or Michalovce).

As you can see even if I have a written death certificate about my ggm with names of gggparents, I know very few correct data on that branch now. I hope some development if I can visit Slovakian archives. (As I am living in Budapest it does not seem to be a too big problem, but I need some time to do that.)

Tamas Fleischer
tamas.fleischer [@] gmail.com

paula fleisher

Rivka Tepper, my great-grandmother, was born in 1864. She was married to Saul Mittelman and had three children, Joseph, Mildel and Bertha (b. 1900). The Mittleman/Teper family lived in and near Chelm, Poland until the Nazi murders there.

I am looking for:

Lejzor Teper, b. February 16, 1915 in Poland
Tola Teper, his wife, b. November 14, 1919 in Poland
Rochelle Teper, their daughter, b. January 26, 1942 in British Guiana
Paulette Teper, daughter, b. August 9, 1944 in British Guiana

Lejzor, Tola, Rochelle and Paulette came to the United States from Barbados in 1946, sponsored by my grandfather, Isidor Fleisher. I know also of a Sarah Teper, who might have been Lejzor’s mother.

Searching for Tepper/Teper from Chelm [Chełm], Poland, Barbados, and Venezuela.

Paula Fleisher,
San Francisco, California
pbfleisher [@] att.net

sandra greenberg

My name is Sandra Newberger Greenberg. I live in Denver, Colorado. I am tracing my Tepper family from Snyiatzyn, Ukraine, formerly in Austria. I am looking for the following persons:

Wolf Herman from Snyiatzyn, Ukraine married to Hannah Debra Tepper from either Snyiatzyn or Kolomea, Ukraine. Am also interested in Hannah’s sister Rose Tepper. I am also searching Yisroel Tepper father of Hannah Dora or Debra and Rose Tepper. This is all I know of the Teppers since I have just discovered this as my great-grandmother’s maiden name.

Sandra Greenberg
sangreenb [@] aol.com

hayley grill

Researching Tepper, as well as Tiver, from Tłuste, Poland, and possibly Austria.

Hayley Grill
hgrill72 [@] yahoo.com

georgia haken

I am researching the Haken/Hacken and Gold family. Salka Gold was brought to the USA by her brother-in-law Moses Hacken, my husband’s grandfather. With her on the list for the President Grant from Hamburg to New York City arriving 14 Nov 1913 is Joseph Tepper age 28, a laborer. Both are from Tarnopol, Austria [Ternopil’, Ukraine]; he is leaving his mother M. and going to his cousin Moses Hacken in New York City. Both were discharged to Moses Hacken. Several years later Salka and Joe married and had no children. I have not yet found how Joe was related to either the Hackens or Golds.

I found in the 1910 Tarnopol Jewish census there is only one Tepper family listing: Malka, a widow born 1862 in Tarnopol
Izak, her son in active army service in Zloczow
Josef, born 1885
Chana, born 1887
Rosa, born 1889
Fanny, born 1893.

Georgia Haken
gw [@] hakens.us

joe hirschfield

There were several prosperous Toppermann families in the 1800s and 1900s living in Brody. They operated fabric and general merchandise stores. Some descendents later moved to Zolochiv and Lvov [L’viv/Lwów].

Joe Hirschfield
JOECYP [@] aol.com

margaret houben

My mother, Ruth Ottilie Tepper, was born on 01 June 1921 in Wesel, Germany. Her mother was Auguste Tepper (her father, Konrad Ihle, did not marry Auguste). Auguste’s parents were Wilhelm Tepper (from Denmark) and Auguste Teelen (from Germany). Wilhelm owned either a factory, or possibly a foundry, in Denmark.

Margaret Houben
houtep.productions [@] gmail.com

aubrey jacobus

I descend from a Blume Teper, b. 1789 in Skierniewice, Lodz [Łódź] province, Poland, married to Benjamin Jakubowicz.

I have a Chaim Teper in my family tree—b. 1796 Skierniewice—Lodz Province. There is also a Chaim Teper in my Synagogue. Please let me know if any contacts are in Lodz Province.

Moishe Teper, b. c 1770; children: Chaim Teper, b. 1796 m. Raizel, Blume Teper b. c 1796 m. Benjamin Jakubowicz, b. 1789. Benjamin Jakubowicz was my direct ancestor. My family were all from Skierniewice, Poland, also related to Szmulowicz and Lewkowicz.

Aubrey Jacobus
aajacobus [@] btinternet.com
elgoog6 [@] gmail.com

roberta jainchill

I am searching for the Tepper family that originated in Zambrow, Poland. My father-in-law’s mother was Tziril Tepper Dzeiciol (Jainchill). Three of her sibblings settle in the Bronx, NY. I just learned the first names of her brothers were Jake and Isaac. Her sister was Ruchal Kostrinsky (Sam).

Roberta Jainchill
rjainchill [@] gmail.com

jack katz

I am trying to trace a Julius Tepper, or Toepffer. This name was given by Amalia Gross, when she gained entry to New York in 1920. She initially gives the address of Julius as ‘969 Maastr, New York’ (? Maas St.) but later the address is shown as ‘207 Middle New Bedford Mass’. Amalia said that Julius was her Uncle.

In 1922, Amalia married Harry Joseph Newman (Neuman?) and on their marriage certificate they both describe themselves as born in ‘Austrian Galizia’. However I believe that Amalia’s family, who considered themselves Polish, originally came from around the Strusow/Trembowla area, although they moved to Vienna before the family dispersed.

Amalia’s father was Abraham Gross and her mother Leja Ruchel Neuschuler, therefore Julius Tepper must have married one of their sisters.

If the combination of any of the above names or places rings any bells, please contact me.

Jack Katz
Jack [@] katzy.org

melissa katz & cindi eckhardt

Searching Tepper in Austria-Hungary [Galicia]. Our great-grandfather was Max Tepper. He came to NYC from Austria-Hungary and settled in the Lower East Side, then Brooklyn. He owned delicatessens in Manhattan's West 38th Street area (Fashion District). He was married to Sara Leah Elsowitz (Eliashovich) from Russia around 1898 or so. They had one son, Saul Tepper, who was a famous illustrator in the 1920s, for the Saturday Evening Post. They also had 5 daughters. Laura (Schoenberg), Charlotte (Gansler), Celia (Millian) (our grandmother), Thelma (Magaril), and Florence (Dubois). He died on 08 October 1954 at 79 years old, born around 1874–5. I’m looking for any relatives of Max. According to the 1900 census, Max had two cousins, Sam and Abraham, also Teppers.

Melissa Katz
melissadmkatz [@] gmail.com
Cindi Eckhardt
cindi39eck [@] optonline.net

penny lieberman kornstein

My maternal grandmother is Tillie Bierfass, from Siedliska. She came to NY in 1910 at the age of 17. Some of her siblings followed. Her father was Aaron or Yakov Aaron Bierfass. I have found relatives in Israel, NY and Belgium and have family information about the few of my grandmother’s siblings who came to the US between 1907 and 1922 and one who was found in the 1960s in Argentina.

Penny Lieberman Kornstein
pennyyiscareer [@] gmail.com
pennyann21 [@] hotmail.com

judith latham

My maiden name was Tepper and my family originated in Opatów, Poland—Dad and his family were from Warsaw. I have some information, but not a great deal as most of my father’s family was wiped out during the Holocaust. ... I’ve been able to trace my mother’s line back to approx. 1743, but little luck with Dad’s.

Judith Latham
eclectic1 [@] tpg.com.au

addie lee

I am searching for Bertha Tepper. She would be my great-great-grandmother. Bertha married Frederick Jarmuske around 1900. Frederick had also married a woman named Emma. He and Bertha had three (maybe more) children: Natalia Ann, b. 24 December 1910 in Poland. Arnold Erna Natalia immigrated to Canada in 1927. I don’t know if her family came as well.

Addie Lee
addielee [@] icrossroads.com

d gershon lewental

My grandfather, Jonas Lewental (né Löwenthal), was born on 02 February 1922, in Nowa Wieś, near Bircza, Poland (once part of Galicia). As a child, he moved to Korzeniec, also near the Jewish shtetl of Bircza. He had four siblings: Sara, Matilda, Bernard, and Gerszon. During the German invasion of Russian-occupied Poland in June 1941, my grandfather’s parents told him to run away (ironically, not because he was Jewish, but because the Russians had forced him to join the Communist Youth League), and he fled eastwards to the Ural Mountains, where he later began a family of his own. To this day, the fate of his immediate family (save for his father, who died of a heart-attack in the Bircza area ghetto) is unknown.

My grandfather’s mother, Mindl (Mina) Tepper, born 24 June 1899, had three younger siblings: Blima, Esther (Ewa), and Jakób.Blima married briefly, but divorced because of her husband’s gambling addiction. Esther and Jakób were the only other members of his extended family to survive the war; they escaped to Uzbekistan, and later moved to Poland, albeit to the other side—to Wałbrzych (Waldenburg). Esther then married Artur Abraham Oberländer (né Oberlender) (from Drohobycz, in present-day Ukraine), and Jakób married a Ukrainian-Jewish woman named Musia. All four eventually moved to Malmö, Sweden in the early 1960s; Artur and Esther (Z”L) passed away in 1991 and 2002, respectively. Artur’s mother was Klara Rothstein, (his father’s name is not known), and he had an uncle, Isak Samuel Rothstein. All died during the Holocaust. Indeed, Artur’s first wife and son were killed by Ukrainians, before he was taken into the USSR Army.

The Tepper family patriarch, Majer Israel (Meʾir Yisraʾel) Tepper, was born 05 Aug 1874 in Mrzygłód, a shtetl near Sanok, Poland. He moved, however, to Nowa Wieś, the home of my family’s Teppers. His wife, Szajndel Bierfass, had a sister who lived in Leszczawa Dolna, and had married a Schnell. Another sister, who had married a Freifeld in Żohatyń, a village not far from Bircza, had had a daughter, Feige, who emigrated to New York City. A third sister married into the HOCH family and had a son, who survived the Holocaust, but was murdered by Poles shortly thereafter. When Feige Freifeld emigrated to the United States in 1911, she arrived together with a cousin, Gittel Hoch, the daughter of Moses Hoch, from Jawornik Ruski. However, it is uncertain whether Moses Hoch was Feige’s uncle, or perhaps another relative. Dawid Bierfass (Szajndel’s father) had raised his family in Żohatyń. (Conflicting recollections also place his family around Niżankowice, another shtetl near Bircza.) Other Bierfass relatives, namely the Hamer and Turner families also lived in Żohatyń or nearby Jawornik Ruski.

The farthest I go back on the Tepper tree is to Kalman Tepper, the father of Szlomo Tepper, a man who had three children: Jonas (Jojne) Tepper, Feige Tepper and a younger brother, all born in Dynów, another village near Sanok, Poland. Feige married Meir Fisz, and had at least two children: Esther and Sara Tsirl/Tsurl. Esther Fisz married Salomon Leib (Shlomo Aryeh) Lischner and they had four sons in Dynów: Isak, Mechel (Mikhaʾel), Nachman (01 Apr 1901–23 May 1993), and Hersch Meilech (Tsvi Elimelekh). For more on my Fisz and Lischner interests, please click here. The brother of Jonas and Feige Tepper also married and had at least two sons: Shiye (or Shaye) Tepper, who married Malle Wöfling (related to our family through a maternal line) and David Tepper. Both brothers may have emigrated to the United States.

Jonas Tepper, a rabbi, and his wife, Matel (Molly) Gärtner, who was from Mrzyglód, had four children: Majer, and three daughters that emigrated to the United States around 1902. The Jewish community in the nearby town of Bircza offered Jonas a position as town rabbi, and he moved his family there. However, for reasons unknown, the community reneged and, possibly from the financial difficulties that ensued, Jonas had sent his children to the United States. Majer followed his sisters to New York City and lived there, working as a baker during two periods (1905–1907 and 1909–?), but returned to Europe before the First World War, and when the War began, took his family to Košice, Slovakia, out of fear of the Russian army. He did fight in the war on the Austrian side, faring better than my great-grandfather, Dawid, who also fought as an Austrian soldier, but was captured (presumably while defending the fortress of Przemyśl), and taken to Siberia. It is assumed Dawid escaped back to Poland during the Russian Revolution.Josephine (Pepi) Tapper (née Tepper), the eldest of the three sisters that emigrated to New York City, had married her first cousin Sigmund Gartner (né Gärtner), a mural painter, in Poland and immigrated with her eldest child, while pregnant with her second daughter, Elizabeth; they would ultimately have six children. Her younger sister Clara (Klara Ḥayyah) Tapper (née Tepper) had also married before emigrating from Poland, to Samuel Tobias, and they had two children. The third sister, Sadie (Sarah) Tapper (née Tepper) eventually married Harry Goldsmith in New York City, but their marriage did not last and they had no children. Although the Holocaust interrupted the connexion between the two branches of the Tepper family, in 1999, I (a descendent of Majer) was able to locate the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the three sisters. Today, the descendents of the six children of Josephine and Sigmund Gartner make up a large family, mostly in the metropolitan New York City area; the Tobias family also continues to flourish. We are all trying to trace our roots further back than our common ancestors Kalman, Szlomo, and Jonas Tepper.

D Gershon Lewental, PhD
reproots [@] gmail.com

rick liftig

My great-grandmother was Rose Tepper from Ludmir in Vladimir Vohlinskyj (Gubernia). She was born c. 1870 in Ludmir. She had a brother, Zelig, who was a well-known artist in Greenwich Village, NYC. His primitive style lent him the moniker of “Grandpa Moses”. Zelig had a daughter who came to the US in 1909 from Lupowo. She was born c. 1896. Zelig died in Peekskill, NY, in 1979, but I have no idea if he has any relatives in that area.

Rick Liftig
srick [@] snet.net

maxine liske

Searching Tepper in Poland, Volhynia, and the United States.

Maxine Liske
liske42 [@] gmail.com

meryl persky

One of my relatives was a Tepper. He was married to the sister of my grandmother. They came from Ryglic. I think his first name was Harry.

Meryl Persky
FOODPHILE [@] aol.com

cary pollack

I am researching the surname Tepper, which appears on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. The Teppers on my father’s side of the family are primarily from the vicinity of Rozyszcze, Wolyn, Poland, while my maternal Teppers are from Mikulince, Galicia and Tarnopol, Poland [Ternopil’, Ukraine]. I have not found a relationship yet between the two Tepper families, but my maternal Teppers are related to Bruce Tepper, who is currently a member of this website.

Cary Pollack
sickpup7 [@] comcast.net

shelly pomeranz

I am trying to find any further information on Esther Tepper. She was born 1868 in Frysztak, Poland. Her parents were Mendel Tepper and Hencza. She died 1941 in Dukla, Podkapackie, Poland according to death record. Their children were, Henoch, Mojzesz, Jonas, Mendel and David. Does anyone have any information on this family?

Shelly Pomeranz
newsgatw [@] comcast.net

martin pomp

My name is Martin Pomp. My mother Clara (born Kayla) Teper was from Mohilno Village near Wlodziemirz Wolynsk. Her father Mordko Teper was from Horochov in Vohynia, Poland. Anybody with links?

Martin Pomp
pomp [@] clamericas.com

ella romm

I am looking for the Tepper family from Kishinev. This is everything I know so far:

Rukhlya/Rakhel Teper was born in 1842 in Bessarabia (Kishinev) to Shimon Teper. She married Henya/Geynikh Averbukh in Kishinev, in 1862. They had 8 children:

Eliya Averbukh 1868
Tsinsa Royzya 1869
Usher 1870–1942
Charna Lea 1871
Tseytl 1873–1941
Meilikh Volf-Zeev 1875
Leah 1877
Rukhlya 1878

Rukhlya probably died in 1878 (possible in childbirth, because her last known child was born in 1878 and has the same name). One of Rukhlya’s daughters Tseytl (my great-grandmother) was a mother of Hebrew poet Eliyahu Meitus (her husband’s name was Yoil Meitus, originally Meites, probably a clerical error). Tepper and Averbuch were very religious families. This is what I found about Eliyahu Meitus: “He was born in Kishinev (Bessarabia) on 02 Tishrei 1892 to his father Joel, from a rabbinical family, and his mother Tseytl Tefer, whose genealogy reaches as far as Leib Sarah’s”. From the text, it is not clear what family (Averbuch or Teper) is related to Leib Sarah’s. Rabbi Leib Sarah’s (1730–1791) was held in high esteem by the Baal Shem Tov. One of the ”hidden righteous”, he spent his life wandering from place to place to raise money for the ransoming of imprisoned Jews.

Ella Romm
queenstory [@] gmail.com

roman rosenstadt

My mother, Chana (later called Eugenia) Rosenstadt, maiden name Tepper, was born April 16. 1915 in Warsaw in Poland.

Her mother was Malka and her maiden name is for me unknown. Her father was Mendl Tepper and he died early, whereafter Malka got married again to a blind man, whose name I don’t know.

My mother had about 8 brothers and sisters. As my mother told me, the whole family was killed by Germans. She got escaped to White-Russia [Bëloruss] with her husband ???? Szlamkowicz in 1939.

They got a girl named Maria in December 1940, who was born in Polock (Polotsk). My mother told me that one of her brothers, whose name I don’t know, had contacted her in White-Russia and wanted to visit her but they never met each other. My mother was sure that he was killed. My mother’s husband became a soldier in the Red Army and according my mother was killed by Germans. My mother and stepsister spent the war in Ukraine and went back to Poland in 1945. They were looking for their family but fruitless.

They moved to Szczecin (Stettin) near the German border. In 1946 my mother got married to my father Ludwig Rosenstadt, who had a son Ryszard from his previous marriage. His wife died in Russia during the war. Ryszard is still in Poland.

They got 4 boys:

Henryk, 50 years old, living in Denmark
Anatol, 49 years old, living in Denmark
Mietek 47 years old, living in Israel
Roman 43 years old, living in Denmark

Maria is 57 years old and is also living in Denmark.

We moved to Denmark in 1975 but our parents followed us one year later.

My mother died in 1983 and my father died in 1989.

Recently my brother Henryk was in Warsaw and got to know in the Jewish Archive that my mothers brother Jakub Tepper, son of Malka and Mendl had survived the war. He had been registered in Warsaw as a survivor. We are now looking for him and his relatives.

Roman Rosenstadt
chilorom [@] post6.tele.dk

mary-jane roth

I am researching the Tepper family from Myropil and Baranivka, Ukraine. Meier David (father Abraham) Tepper and his wife Leie (Lena) possibly Zelbsman (father Jakov Kopel) came to the US in 1907 and settled in Philadelphia. I have identified the following children who also came to the US: Czerna (Jennie) m Elcon Grosser, Avorum (Abe) m Sarah Sternman, Rose m Sam Cohen(?), Feige, Isidore m Celia Zimmerman, Daniel, Schlomo (Sam) m Ida Karzen, Aron (Harry) m Rose, Riwke (Bess) m Harry Nitt, Sosse (Celia) m Harry Malis, Maryam (Mary) m Nelson Sterling. A nephew Avorum Tepper and a neice Ruchel Tepper travelled to the US with David and Leie. Celia Zimmerman who said she was from Chednuff in what is now Ukraine was also said to be a cousin of the Teppers and it caused a problem when she married Isidore. I have made contact with many cousins from this family (some from this web group!), but still want to connect with more and discover more about the family in Ukraine.

Mary-Jane Roth
greenst [@] comcast.net

daniel sacks

I am a descendant of Wolf Tepper, brother of Mendel Tepper, and am trying to find out some more information about my great-great-grandfather and his extended family.

Daniel Sacks
donialsacks [@] gmail.com

paul skolnick & jim ostroff

I, Paul Skolnick, along with my cousin, Jim Ostroff, are researching an ancestral name—Tepper. It is from Tluste [Tovste/Tłuste], Ukraine. It belonged to my grandmother and Jim’s great aunt, Esther (Tepper) Skolnick.

We have searched physical archives in the U.S., Europe, and Israel, and are continuing our search online and in such physical archives as may be promising for us. We believe Esther Tepper’s immigration to the United States came in the first decade of the 20th Century (1900–1910), but are seeking information on her forebears as far back as possible.

Paul Skolnick
skolnick [@] newstrench.com
Jim Ostroff
jostroff22 [@] verizon.net

joshua solomon

Searching Tepper.

Joshua Solomon
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
jdsbluedevl [@] gmail.com

faye stoller

My name is Faye Stoller and I am looking for information about my paternal grandmother’s family. Her maiden name was Fanny/Flora Toepfer and her family came from Lodz, Poland. She married David Gorfinkle and came to Boston in the early 1900s. She had a brother, Izydor, who worked for a woolen goods manufacturer. His wife was Fila (Neuhaus) and their son was Stephen. She also had a sister, Bronia, who had 3 sons and 1 daughter. One of those sons lived in Paris. There were two other brothers, Meyer and Jacob. Jacob lived in Kielce. There has been no word from them since 1939 but we are hoping some may have survived the Holocaust. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Faye Stoller
michaelandfayes [@] yahoo.com

gwendolyn tapper

Searching Tapper from Moldova and Lithuania.

Gwendolyn Tapper
gwendalion [@] gmail.com

harry solly tapper

My name is Harry Solly Tapper, birth date Feb. 28, 1940, and was born in and lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada all my life. My mother Sylvia Karpel-Tepper, came to Canada in 1930. Her place of birth was Zaleshchik, Poland, now part of the Ukraine. This I believe was in the province of Galicia, Poland. My father, Samuel (Shimon) Tepper came to Canada on a Polish ship named Pilsudski in Oct. 1935. His place of birth was Buczacz, Poland also in Galicia. The family name was Tepper up until my father landed in Canada, when the name was inadvertently changed to Tapper. My father was a tinsmith in Buczacz. His fathers name was Abraham. I believe my grandfather Abraham was a tailor. My fathers family, I believe, all perished in the Holocaust, however this may not be the case as there were eight brothers and sisters. My father passed away in 1979, and never spoke about his earlier years. The one family remaining from the Holocaust, was, I believe, a cousin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who founded a major tailoring business, with the last name of Bear or Behr.. Although not relevant to Tepper research, I might mention that my mother’s sister Molly (Malka) Karpel-Rosenberg came to Canada from Zaleshchik, in around 1927. Molly’s husband was Fred Rosenberg, a jeweler-watchmaker, by trade, also from Zaleshchik. I have numerous letters from my father to my mother, written in Yiddish in German script, dated between 1930–35, which I am endeavoring to have translated, which might give me further insights into the Tepper family, which I will subsequently post.

Any assistance anyone can give in uncovering further origins of my family, would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any information, maps, or anything else about the villages or towns called Buczacz or Zaleshchik in the province of Galicia Poland pre the Holocaust, or the Polish ship that sailed to Canada and the USA, in October 1935, called the Pilsudskil, or anything about the Tepper family of Buczacz or the Rosenberg or Karpel or Ampel family of Zaleshchik, please contact me at hstapper [@] shaw.ca.

Harry Solly Tapper
hstapper [@] shaw.ca

david lebo taylor

I am researching Max Joseph Taylor (Tepper), born 1877, in Riga, Latvia. He and 2 brothers, Henry and Philip Taylor, came to the United States. Max married Fanny Millen. Three other brothers left Latvia and went to England, maintaining the Tepper name—Wolfe, Frank and Isaac Tepper. Max’s father and mother’s names may have been Pena and Toby.

David Lebo Taylor
dltdoc [@] tampabay.rr.com

frederic teper

I am looking for Teper/Tepper whose family stems from Odessa.

Frederic Teper,
Paris, France
fredericmars [@] gmail.com
fteper [@] yahoo.fr

ivan teper

Searching Teper from Czech Republic/Silesia.

Ivan Teper
ivant [@] centrum.cz

susan teper

Louis and Rachel (nee Cohen) Teper came to the US from England between 1904 and 1906 (both are originally from Russia and spoke Yiddish, as did their parents). Louis was born between 1874 and 1880; Rachel between 1877 and 1881. I know Louis had at least one brother Hyman. They had twelve children who lived, one that didn’t: Sophie (born in Russia); Jacob, Jeanette, Mildred (born in England); Joseph (My Grandfather—born in England, on the boat, or New York, I haven’t determined which yet); Samuel, Fannie, Isadore, Harry, Leo, Oscar, and Sidney (born in St. Louis). My father tells me there was some sort of family feud and Louis changed his name from Tepper to Teper. Jacob went by Tepper. I found them in the 1910 and 1920 Missouri censuses. I also have Sidney Teper’s birth certificate.

Susan Teper
rjhgirl [@] fiestanet.com

thomasz teper

[Summary not completed.]

Thomasz Teper
teper [@] btinternet.com
TTeper [@] harrow.ac.uk

alan tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Alan Tepper
abtep [@] comcast.net

alejandro tepper

Tepper are in Chile since 1895 when Robeert Tepper Hartung his brother Julius Tepper Hartung his wife Emily Harrich Leopold moved from Europe to Chile, they settle down in Temuco located in the south of Chile. These are the begining of the family in Chile.

Robeert had two sons Eduardo (Edward) and Ernesto (Ernst) Eduardo was my grandfather, and he had 5 sons, uno of this was my father Alejandro, same is as me.

The Tepper family is an small family and I have cousin lives in USA , Venezuela and of course in Chile.

As we know Julius and Robeert at that times lived in Germany but the family comes from Poland.

Alejandro Tepper
atepper [@] vtr.net

alle tepper

A group of Teppers, possibly (ex) Mennonites, moved from Poland to the Netherlands (province Groningen) about 1650. I have no reliable records about those Teppers in my tree between 1300 and 1650. Off course I would like to contact Teppers with ancestors from the same region.

In my tree at MyHeritage, I have more than 20.000 individuals with the Tepper name. Feel free to become a member:

Searching: Tepper, van der Steeg, Harms, Siersema, Olthof

Alle G. Tepper
tepperag [@] gmail.com

allie tepper

I am trying to learn more about anyone connected to my ancestors George Tepper and Eva ‘Chava’ Schuster Tepper, who were born in Bolechiv [Bolekhiv], Ukraine, and settled in Brooklyn, New York. George was born in 1869, and is the son of Aaron Mordeche Tepper and Beila Reiss. and Aaron is the son of a Juda Ben Tepper. George and Eva had five children in New York, Solomon, Julius, Birdie, Lilian (Lily), and Anna. Solomon was my great grandfather, and moved to Schenectady, New York where many Teppers have resided since. I am not connected with any of the other Teppers in New York, or otherwise, and would be excited to make a connection if there is one!

Allie Tepper
allietep [@] gmail.com

brian teper

My aunt, Lola, and my father Arthur were the children of Max and Rose Tepper who lived most of their lives in New York City. My grandfather, Max, was the son of Abraham and Fanny Tepper who lived originally in the Ukraine. Max, and his two sisters, May and Sally, lived for some time ( we think) in Odessa and came to the U.S. as children in the early 1900s.

Abraham was one of several brothers who decided to leave Russia/Ukraine. We do not know the details of their exodus except that Abraham was the only brother to emigrate to the U.S. The other brothers and their families all went to Buenos Aires. We do not know if they travelled as a group, or separately.

We were told that the oldest brother was named ‘Leon’ and when the families reached Argentina the family name was changed to ‘Teper’. Attempts by us to contact the family group years ago were unsuccessful and, sadly, we basically gave up trying to do so until my son's efforts just recently.

Abraham also had cousins named ‘Malamud’. Similarly, some of the Malamuds came to the U.S. and some also went to Argentina. Basically, that is all we know.

Brian Tepper
briteppr62 [@] gmail.com

bruce tepper

My great-grandfather, Chaim Jehoshua Tepper, and his wife, Miril Tunis, had four sons: Michl (Micheal), Farvish (Phillip), Yossel (Joseph), and Beryl (Bernard). They came from Mikulince in Galicia Province of Austria-Hungary. Mikulince was in Poland after WWI and became part of the Ukraine after WW II. My grandfather Bernard (Beryl) was born in 1881. He married Yenta (Betty) Winkler from Trembowla. They had five children. I believe my grandfather’s brothers came to the US first and settled in New York. He followed in 1920 and his family followed him in 1922. My grandfather’s children were: Bessie, Gertrude (Gertie), Mary, Samuel and Max. Farvish and his wife Rivka had three children: Tessie (who married Sam Rubin), Izzy or Irving and Max who was an epileptic (who married Bertha). Michl and his wife Pepe had four children: Gladys (who married Abe Kessler), Mary (who married H. Rubinfeld), Joseph and Muriel (who married Hy Kohler). Yossel and his wife, who was also named Pepe, had two sons: Leon (who married Gertie) and Harvey (who maried Eleanor). My grandfather and at least one other brother served in the Austria-Hungarian army. He was a tinsmith by trade. I and my family have had no contact with or know of my grandfather’s brothers or their families and descendents.

Bruce Tepper
bjtepper [@] gmail.com

don tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Don Tepper
wordsmth [@] erols.com

elisabeth tepper kofod

I was born in Denmark. My father was Leopold Tepper (Lejzor Teper, originally from Siedliszcze, Poland)

It has been a quest to get information about my family in Poland, as most were killed during WWII.

Elisabeth Tepper
elitepperk [@] gmail.com

hans tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Hans Tepper
h.tepper [@] planet.nl

hasso tepper

[Summary not finished.]

Hasso Tepper
hasso.tepper [@] gmail.com

israel tepper

My grandfather Josef Tepper b. 18?? d.19?? in Chernovtsi or Kamenetz-Podolsky ,region of Bukovina,in Ukraine. Married 3 times. I do not know the names of first and second wives but the third one was Milka. Josef and Milka had 4 children together. (Josef fathered 11 children total.) The 4 children of third marriage: Faivish (Deceased), Schmoel (Deceased), Eliezer (My father, deceased), and Aron (Born 1910, now living in Israel.) I am searching for descendants of the first 7 children of my grandfather Josef Tepper. I believe that some of his children immigrated to the U.S. sometime between 1900–1920.

Israel Tepper
tepp8784 [@] bellsouth.net
tepp6767 [@] yahoo.com

janice tepper

I am researching my husband’s family; originally from the Ternopilska province, Kopycincy, Austria (now Ukraine). His great-grandfather was Jaciel “Julius” Tepper born 27 Dec 1875 in Kopycincy. Married Pearl Yetta Kirschenbaum, d/o Sai Kirschenbaum and Bertha Gross, born 24 Mar 1884 in Sapova, Poland. Immigrated to New Bedford, Bristol Co., Mass 13 Sep 1913 from Hamburg Germany on the ship SS Amerika. Settled at 207 Middle Street, New Bedford. Also in New Bedford, 304 Maxfield St, was Abraham Tepper and his wife Clara and six children—Esther, Nellie, Sarah,Louis, Victor and Dorothy. Abraham was born c. 1874 in Austria and is believed to be a cousin to Julius.

Julius and Pearl had 4 children: Louis Max (1905–1987), Taddeus (1906–1919/20), Matthia “Matthew” (1911–1982) and Isaac (1913–1981). They are believed to have stayed in homeland because it was stated on Julius’ Petition for Naturalization “all children born and reside in Austria” Speculation has it that Julius returned sometime between June 1920 and Dec 1920, in that, on Julius’ Petition for Naturalization (dated June 1919), he had asked for a continuance (postponement in proceedings) so “to bring family” Also, I believe this theory because the 1920 Census for Mass. does not have Julius ... only Abraham and his family.

Also looking into Bertha Gross’ family. She is the mother of Julius Tepper’s wife, Pearl. It is possible Bertha had a brother named Abraham who was married to Leja Ruchel Neuschler. Mr Jack Katz has more info on this side of family. If anyone recognizes the names of Julius, Pearl or Abraham I would greatly enjoy hearing from you.

Janice Tepper
JTepper [@] webtv.net

jeffrey tepper

I am researching the family of my great-grandfather, Joseph Tepper (b. 1874), who immigrated from Frysztak, Galicia, Austria in 1890. In particular I am hoping to locate descendants of Joseph’s older brother Israel (b. ~1870) who lived in Brooklyn or of one or more Tepper cousins who also came from Frystztak. One of these cousins was Samuel Tepper, who in 1930 was living in Brooklyn with his wife Celia and their children Frieda (b. 1912), Irving (b. 1915), Revel (b. 1918) and Marylin (b. 1927). I believe other cousins also came to this country from Frysztak but I do not know their names.

Jeffrey Tepper
jtepper [@] ups.edu

joanna tepper

[Summary not finished.]

Joanna Tepper
jotepper [@] gwis2.circ.gwu.edu

johann tepper

[Summary not finished.]

Johann Tepper
botilamaan [@] aol.com

joseph tepper

[Summary not finished.]

Joseph Tepper
josephtepper [@] gmail.com

karen tepper

[Summary not finished.]

Karen Tepper
karen.tepper [@] optusnet.com.au

katherine tepper

I am descended from Samuel Tepper who immigrated during the Russian Revolution. We believe he was from either Russia or the Ukraine. He list a town called Bdrovnika, Russia on a census but I have been unable to find this town in my research. He had three children named Edgar, Florance and Robert. Samuel was married to Ida (nee Karzen). They immigrated into either Ellis Island or Philidelphia. I believe we are connected with the Ostrovs of Kiev, Ukraine. Please contact me with any info you have!

Katherine Tepper
kteppe20 [@] yahoo.com

michael james tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Michael James Tepper,
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
mjt1955 [@] gmail.com

nisson tepper

My great-grandfather Menachem Mendel Tepper was from Frysztak (Strzyżów County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship), Poland.

Nisson Tepper
nissontepper [@] gmail.com

phil tepper

My grandfather Philip Tepper’s family came to England from Riga around the turn of this century. He was one of four brothers, the others being Isaac, Sam and Harry. Philip (and wife Sarah Leah) and Harry settled in Manchester, Isaac in London’s East End, while Sam, who later settled in Leeds, went off to join the Royal Italian Circus, where he specialised in supporting a chair, occupied by a child, with his mouth and became known as “the man with the iron teeth”.

Information from Latvian records (supplied a few years ago via the former Soviet Union) showed Philip married Sarah Leah in 1891. Philip’s parents were Movshe Teper and Eta Faivelovna, and Sarah’s father was Vulf Boruchovich. I think Movshe and Eta may have also had a daughter, Elka, who emigrated to the USA.

Phil Tepper
phil.tepper [@] icl.com

rita tepper

My name is Rita Tepper (original Teper), I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am searching for Teper/Tepper in Kishinev, Bessarabia. My grandfather Leibek was born there in 1890 and left to Argentina in 1910.

Rita Tepper
ritatepper [@] gmail.com

samuel matthew tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Samuel Matthew Tepper
lst900036 [@] yahoo.com

stephen tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Stephen Tepper
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
stepper [@] wesco.com

tamar tepper-faran

My name is Tamar Tepper-Faran, daughter of Yaakov-Yehoshua Tepper, son of Joseph and Riva Tepper (maiden name Sandel). My grandfather Joseph Tepper, came to Israel from Kolomiya, Poland (today Ukraine) shortly before the war, by the end of 1935. Joseph was the son of Moshe and Yuta (Ita?) Tepper, and had one brother named Arye-Leib (Leon) who was a doctor (probably was a student at Lviv University), and disappeared in the Red Army during WWII. We know that Moshe Tepper used to sign his name as Tepper-Yaavetz, but we are not sure why he had two last names, but it might have to do with avoiding recruitment to the local army. We also know that my father, Yaakov-Yehoshua, was named after one (or two?) of his grandfathers, but we don't even know from which side of the family.

We have no relatives from this branch of the family, and would be happy to hear if anyone has any clues. Thank you!

Tamar Tepper-Faran
tamarfaran1 [@] gmail.com

tessie tepper

[Summary not completed.]

Tessie Tepper
Arnhem, The Netherlands
hmtepper [@] gmail.com

tracy tepper

I’m Tracy Tepper, daughter of Robert Jay Tepper (b. Brooklyn), granddaughter of William Tepper (b. 1913, Brooklyn) and great-granddaughter of Nathan Tepper (b. 1885, Vienna, Austria). Trying to learn more about my family.

Tracy Tepper tracy.tepper.24 [@] gmail.com

louise wessman

I have just recently begun researching my father’s family history. My paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Rose Tepper and she was born in 1898 in Odessa, now Ukraine. I remember being told that she came to England in 1917 (Russian Revolution).

She married Harry Abrahams in 1920 and had 3 children—Jack, Renee, and Louis (my father).

At some point she married again—William(?) Vaughan and had 3 more children.

She died in 1959.

I am very keen to try and find some record of her birth so that I can go back a bit further.

Louise Wessman
louise [@] pianofiles.co.uk

rosalynd woodfin

Researching Tepper in Poland/pre-war Germany>Pennsylvania, USA>Virginia, USA.

Rosalynd Woodfin
rosalynd [@] cox.net

rita young

Louis Topper, born Louis Eater Topper, 1884, Toledo, Ohio.

Parents: Sarah Topper (Joseph 1st husband she left in Bialostock) came to this country with children: Ike, Morris, Max, Rae, Tillie, Fanny. Married Mr. Eater and Louis was born.

Louis Topper married Esther Reich Topper in 1907. Had 2 daughters, Annette (my Mother) and Mildred.

Rita Young
HYRY50 [@] aol.com


My father’s name was Tepper but he changed it after II WW was over. It will be nice to see part of my heritage and at least know of my roots.

elzbrad [@] hotmail.com

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