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Bircza area, Drohobych, Dynów, Jawornik Ruski, Khyriv (Chyrów), Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moscow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Żohatyń [Poland, Ukraine, and Russia]
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During the late 1990s, messages exchanged between members of the Tepper group (called ‘UTG memos’) were saved and stored on the website for future reference. Currently, the listserv is hosted at Google Groups, which stores the messages automatically. To see recent e-mails, join the group by clicking here. Either browse the messages chronologically below, or use the detailed index on the right to search by topic.

old UTG memos

23 October 1997

From: Sheila Kieval
E-mail: kievalsb [@] sjuvm.stjohns.edu
Subject: Topper Family
Date: 23 October 1997
Memo: #1

I'm not sure that my family is related to any of yours, although there
might be some overlap with Henry Bernstein's family.
Julius Topper married Sophie Davis. They were born in Russia. They had
2 children that I know of. They had a son named David Julius Topper who
was born in Chicago Ill. on 6/28/1887 and died in L.A. Cal. on
3/29/1968. They also had a daughter named Hilda who married a man named
Al Horowitz. Al was still alive when David died.
Sophie married Sol Cummins, my great-great-great uncle in L.A. Cal.
David married Sol's daughter, Ethel, on April 23 1917 in L.A. Cal.
Ethel died on 4/25/1950. David and Ethel had no children.
Sol, Sophie, David and Ethel, as well as Sol's sons and their spouses,
are all buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in L.A. Cal.
Please let me know if this sounds like a match to anyone. Thanks.
Sheila Kieval kievalsb [@] sjuvm.stjohns.edu

[LISTOWNER'S NOTE: Ms. Kieval is referring to Marion Hattenbach
Bernstein when she writes 'Henry Bernstein'.]

From: Laura Goldsmith Tepper
E-mail: LTEPP [@] aol.com
Subject: Teppers from Hungary
Date: 23 October 1997
Memo: #1

Dear Jack

I got your letter & from what you gave me, I don't see any connections
between our families. I haven't worked on my genealogy for several
Additionally, this is my husband's line, so I didn't spend as much time
on it as I did on my own, but I will briefly tell you what I have.

Max Tepper (son of Joseph) immigrated here with his second wife and his
4 children from a first marriage. He arrived her in 1890. They had 7
more children in America. They immigrated to New York, but by 1905 they
had moved to a Baron De Hirsch farming community in Carmel, New Jersey.

None of those 11 children were named Julius, although there was a boy
named Joseph and a daughter named Julia.

While they were in New York they had a cousin named Helen Glattstein
living with them, but I have no idea who she was.

The family originally came from Hungary

I don't believe that any of them settled in Mass.

As you can see, there doesn't seem to be any connection, but maybe as
you are searching, you'll find a connection. If you do, I'd love to
have the information.

Good luck to you on your search


Lauri Goldsmith Tepper
LTEPP [@] aol.com

From: William H. Fern
Subject: Teppers from Drohobycz
Date: 23 October 1997
Memo: #1

The Teppers with whom I am acquainted, who are my cousins, originate in
Drohobycz, Austria-Hungary (present day Drogobich, Ukraine) southwest of
Lvov. Their name was originally Toepfer. These people never emigrated
to the United States. Those who survived the war and are still living
currently reside in Israel and Canada.

[LISTOWNER'S NOTE: This is an extract from snail mail with Mr. Fern,
Westport, Connecticut 06880.]

20 November 1997

From: Paula Fleisher
E-mail: pbfleisher [@] worldnet.att.net
Subject: JRI-Poland and TEPPERS
Date: 20 November 1997
Memo: #10

It might be of interest to the group that the former REIPP Project, now
JRI-Poland, which I accessed on Jewishgen lists TEPPERS. One name I
believed I recognized from the "UTG" postings. These are birth,
marriage and death record indexes from Poland, and I believe that
TEPPER was a fairly popular name in the Lublin gubernia. But TEPPER
researchers should choose the "all gubernias" option when searching


23 November 1997

From: David Gordon
E-mail: gordon [@] isracom.co.il
Subject: Martin Tepper
Date: 23 November 1997
Memo: #12

I have a Martin Tepper in my tree. His actual father
was Isidore Katzowsky who died in 1939 (Atlantic City,
NJ) when Marty was a small child. His mother, Dorothy
née Chinofsky remarried a Tepper. Marty took
his step-father's surname. Marty and his wife, Irene
had 2 sons and a daughter. Marty Tepper settled in
Cherry Hill, NJ and died last year. Wife: Irene and
three children (no names).

01 December 1998

From: Adele Silverberg Susskind
Subject: Adele (Eidel) Teper
Date: 01 December 1997
Memo: #17

I am searching for Adele (Eidel) Teper married to Hirsch
Pacanofsky(changed to Silverberg) who gave birth to 4 children
in Miechow, Poland. Alta, Rose,Morris and Sadie. She died in
Poland, having returned from the US between 1925 and 1931. I
am named after her and was born in 12/31. I know nothing of
her family. I know my g-father is buried in NY with the
Stopnica Young Men's Association, so she might have come from
Stopnica. The name Pacanofsky probably came from the town of
Pacanow, and there my info ends. I have some info gotten from
LDS records of Tepers, but at this time cannot link any of them
to my g-mother. Could this be the same family you are
researching. These towns are in what was Russian/Poland, not
too far from Krakow, east and north.

Adele Silverberg Susskind

From: Carl Ulrich
Subject: "Erste Sadagera" Burial Soc.
Date: 01 December 1997
Memo: #17

I have a complete plot plan for the "Erste Sadagera" Burial Soc. at the
Mt. Zion Cemetery near NYC. There are about seven Teppers buried there
with burial dates from 1919 to 1962.

If any of your group's Teppers are from (I am assuming) the Sadgora
area, I would be glad to share the specific info with them. I don't see
that area listed on your page. Sadgora is 8 km north each of

Carl Ulrich
Peers, Alberta, Canada

02 December 1997

From: Jim Ostroff
E-mail: Jostrof222 [@] aol.com
Subject: Re: "Erste Sadagera" Burial Soc.
Date: 02 December 1997
Memo: #18

This cemetery is located in Queens, N.Y., one of NYC's 5 boroughs, off of the
Long Island Expressway, in the Maspeth section.

There are many other Teppers interred at Mt. Hebron Cemetery, in the Flushing
section of Queens. My great-uncle and aunt, Paul and Esther Tepper
Skolnick (grandparents to our Group member and my cousin, Paul Skolnick) are
interred in the Erste Jaglowitzer society section, along with other close
Tepper relatives. (Esther was born in Tluste, and Paul in Jaglowitz, or
Yazlivitz, Galicia.)

I recall that Sandra Greenberg mentioned that several of her ancestors also
are interred at Mt. Hebron in a section maintained by Snyatyn (sp.?)

That's all for now. --Jim Ostroff, Washington, D.C.

07 April 1998

From: Ed Berkowitz
E-mail: eberkowitz [@] worldnet.att.net
Subject: Another Tepper
Date: 07 April 1998
Memo: #23


I ran across your Unofficial Tepper home page and I wanted to share some
info with you and the others: My name is Ed Berkowitz, I live in Norman,
OK, and I have been into genealogy feversishly for about 18 months.
Naturally, after my Dad Leon Berkowitz died, I got the bug.

My paternal great grandmother was Chaike (translates to Ida) middle name
Esther, last name Tepper. She married a Moishe Grenivitski (unsure of
spelling) were born in the Austrian Empire, most likely in or close to
Komarov (there are several Komarovs in Ukraine) is in Chernivetsa Oblast;
this is just northeast of Lipkaner, Moldava or once Bessarabia.

The 1910 Census for my family showed a Frank Tepper, a 23 year old, single
marital status, listed as a cousin, living with them at 526 Vermont Street,
Brooklyn, enumerated on 21 April 1910. He immigrated in 1906 and was an
operator in the fur industry. He and his parents were born in Russia. Most
likely he worked for my grandfather Isaac Berkowitz and uncle Louis (Lazzar)
in their fur trimmings factory also located on Vermont Street. My 99 year
old aunt Fanny (Feige) has pretty good recall but barely remembers Frank.

I have found no other references to Teppers. I located the Tepper great
grandmother from the social security application of my great uncle.

The Berkowitz emigrated to New York City from Yedinits (Jedincy) Bessarabia
starting 1898 through April 10, 1906. Yedinits is just an hour or so south
of the home town of the Teppers as far as I can tell.

I grew up in West Orange, New Jersey and many Berkowitz's still live in
Brooklyn. The Greniwitsky's changed their name to Silverman and are well
established in the Wash DC area. I have gotten to know them quite well.

Please feel to use this information in anyway and perhaps I can get a lead
on the Teppers.

Ed Berkowitz
Norman, OK

14 April 1998

From: Marion Hattenbach Bernstein
E-mail: hlb [@] texas.net
Subject: Extraordinary Soviet Commision Report
Date: 14 April 1998
Memo: #25

Thought you might be interested in the fact that a Tepper showed up on this
list from Seta, Lithuania.
Marion Hattenbach Bernstein

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>From: Ada Greenblatt [ada.Greenblatt [@] postoffice.worldnet.att.net]
>Subject: Extraordinary Soviet Commision Report
>Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 17:24:57 +0000
>I'd like to thank Saul Issroff for his two highly informative posts about
>the Extraordinary Soviet Commission Report, especially the list of the 25
>Lithuanian areas that are listed on Reel #19. The lists for Seta, Krakes
>and "Enejti district" fell within the pages for the "Kedaynskiy uezd".
>I was all set to post the list for Seta today, but instead I will take
>Saul's wise advice and defer to the side of caution because I certainly
>would not want to do anything that may have a negative impact on Yad Vashem
>obtaining additional material from Russia. I had no idea that I was
>tredding on such sensitive ground. Instead, I will just discuss what I was
>going to about the Seta list, without listing the names, but just giving
>several examples of inaccuracies involving the names.
>The Seta list contains 69 names along with the supposed number of
>accompanying family members, totalling 271 souls, out of about 350 Jews
>(about 90 Jewish families) said to be living in Seta in 1939 according to
>Vol. 4 of "Yahadut Lita". [snip]....I am familiar with 90%
>of the surnames from the Seta Jewish Community, so I was able to identify
>many of the surnames as to what they should be. [snip]...Izakowitz was
>listed as
>Eizikovichus; Tuviansky was Taujanskas; Tepper was Taperas; and Bettan was
>listed as Betaras and Betnashas.

16 May 1998

From: George Frankel
E-mail: Grf100 [@] aol.com
Subject: Leon Tepper
Date: 16 May 1998
Memo: #27

Hi noticed the name Tepper on your list. There is a Leon Tepper married to
a Gertie Zell on my family tree. Gertie is from Vienna, Leon is from


George Frankel
Grf100 [@] aol.com

31 May 1998

From: Ed Berkowitz
E-mail: eberkowitz [@] worldnet.att.net
Subject: 1920 NY Soundex
Date: 31 May 1998
Memo: #26

Here are some Teppers that I found in the 1920 Soundex for New York State.
Naturally, I was looking for a Frank Tepper, living in NYC, born Russia,
about 33 years old in 1920. However, we may want to pass this info to all
the UTG members:

Frank Tepper, age 35, born Odessa, Russia, 379 Howard Ave, Brooklyn, NY ED
1526, sheet 18, line 47, enumerated with Louis Lieberman, brother in law,
immigrated 1902, Pa (intent to become citizen).

Frank Tapper, age 38, born Russia, 626 East 9th, New York, NY, ED 504, sheet
8, line 87, wife Mollie (b. Russia), Louis, son, age 11; Samuel, son, age 8,
both sons born in NY, naturalized.

Frank Tapeper, age 35, born Russia, 423 Powell, Brooklyn, NY, immigrated
1908, Pa, ED 86, sheet 27, line 38, wife Anna, born Austria, Alien, age 27;
daughter Miriam, age 5, born NY; son Sidney, age 3, born NY.

Frank Tepper, age 36, 59 Willow St, Queens, NY, born Kisheneff, Russia,
immigrated 1912, Pa, ED 39, sheet 18, line 6. Wife Rachel, age 35, born
Kishineff, Russia, daughter Ester, age 6, born NY, daughter Goldie, age 3,
born NY.
(Editorial from Ed: Kishineff was the capital of Bessarabia, now capital of

When I visit the National Archives, I need to examine each of the records.
The Frank I am looking for was in the fur industry. He may be one of these,
or he could have died, or even gone back to Bessarabia.

Feel free to post this info. By the way, it took barely a week from the
time I ordered this film until it arrived.


01 June 1998

From: Myrna Nadel Levin
E-mail: mlevin1412 [@] m3.sprynet.com
Subject: Sanok
Date: 01 June 1998
Memo: #27

In my search for Nadelstecher I contacted Yad Vashem. They sent me a copy
of the witness page for a Gitel Tepper/Tofer who married Matus
Nadelstecher. Gitel's parents, according to the witness page, were Solomon
and Shaindel Tepper/Tofer. Gitel was born in Sanok in 1906 and she and her
two children were murdered by the Nazis, date unknown. The witness page
was signed by a neighbor, Yehuda Feit from Sanok. It was submitted in 1957
from Holon, Israel. It is all in Hebrew and Gitel's surname is - tet, pay,
raish. Therefore I assume it is Tepper or Tofer. Also, I still don't know
if her husband is indeed related to my family.

Let me know if you find any connections here.

Thank you,
Myrna Nadel Levin
mlevin1412 [@] m3.sprynet.com

From: Jose Gutstein
E-mail: jmg-miami [@] msn.com
Subject: Simche Tepper
Date: 01 June 1998
Memo: #27


In the course of my own research, I came across a marriage in 1922 in
Tyczyn, province of Rzesnow for the following. These are not related to me
in any way, but thought I'd pass along the information:

Simche Tepper, born in Frysztak, Galicia, daughter of Majer married to
Schowa Kleinminz, son of Benjamin, and born in Luben.

Could this Majer be the same one you talk about?



Jose Gutstein
jmg-miami [@] msn.com

07 June 1998

From: Adrienne Narrowe
E-mail: narrowes [@] apci.net
Subject: David Tepper
Date: 07 June 1998
Memo: #27


I don't know if Tepper is a common name but I have seen it on a document
that I have.
I am researching the surname DIX and I have the death certificate of one
Ethel DIX who died in Bronx, NY in 1937 at the age of 75 (probably
Her birthplace is listed as Russia and her parents are listed as David
TEPPER and Bella BRUCHER. At the time of her death she was a resident of the
US and NY for 20 years. Both her husband and son are listed as Morris DIX.
I believe that her son Morris DIX married Pauline PEARLMAN and that they had
a daughter in NY by the name of Sylvia. She died in 1937 also at the age of
Let me know if they are a part of your Tepper family and I can send you
copies of the certificates if you need them.

Good luck,
Adrienne Narrowe
narrowes [@] apci.net

03 August 1998

From: D Gershon Lewental
Subject: Origins of Tepper, Topper, Toepfer, etc.
Date: 03 August 1998
Memo: #34

I don't know how many of you caught my recent post to JewishGen,
so I am posting the answer to my query for your benefit:
Asking the origins of Tepper & derivatives, I was told that Tepper and
Topper originated from the German Toepfer, which means 'potter'.

Hope I helped!

D Gershon Lewental, PhD

Canton, Michigan / Herzliyyah, Israel

Searching ...

(in Eastern Europe & Russia: Bircza area, Drohobycz, Khyrów, Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moskow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Zohatyń)

(in USA: New York City and surrounding areas)

(in Argentina: Buenos Aires and surrounding areas)

From: Ellen Sadove Renck
E-mail: Phrases1 [@] aol.com
Subject: 'Teper'
Date: 03 August 1998
Memo: #35

I saw the note on JewishGen about Tepper and
remembered the name because Andy Tepper graduated
from Hackley (Tarrytown, NY) where my children go
to school.
I am co-founder of Grodno Genealogy Group, Inc.
When transliterating names from the Suchovola
Holocaust necrology (listing of the dead,) I
noticed Teper and remembered it. Hope you can use
Teper Itsheh
Teper Eli and Sarah and three sons and three
Teper Zeidkeh (Aharon's) and Yakeh and children:
Rebl, Ester, Yakhihem
Teper Chaiya-Bashkeh
Ellen Sadove Renck - Scarsdale, NY

05 August 1998

From: Lorraine Caplan
E-mail: Speamerfam [@] aol.com
Subject: Tepper/Taper
Date: 05 August 1998
Memo: #35

My grandfather, William TAPER, was born in 1898
in Russia. When he came to USA is still unknown.
His parents, Labe or Harry (different documents
state different names) and Jennie, appear to have
first gone to Boston, Massachusetts, then to
Pittsburgh, PA and then back to Boston. William
remained in Pgh. His siblings were Mary, Benjamin
and Meyer. I have found no indication that TEPPER
was the original name but it seems possible to me.
Do you have TEPPERS or TAPERS in Boston? Is any
of my information of any use?
Thanks. Lorraine Caplan

06 August 1998

From: D Gershon Lewental
Subject: Tepper in Moldova
Date: 06 August 1998
Memo: #35

Hello all,

I was looking for Teppers in Romania, but instead,
I found a bank clerk who says her family is from
Belc (Belts), Moldova. If anybody is interested,
please let me know.


D Gershon Lewental, PhD

Canton, Michigan / Herzliyyah, Israel

Searching ...

(in Eastern Europe & Russia: Bircza area, Drohobycz, Khyrów, Korzeniec, Leszczawa Dolna, Moskow, Mrzygłód, Nowa Wieś, Poltawa, Przemyśl, Rybotycze, Sanok, Vinnitsa, Zohatyń)

(in USA: New York City and surrounding areas)

(in Argentina: Buenos Aires and surrounding areas)

13 August 1998

From: Joan Breslow
E-mail: webjoan [@] earthlink.ne
Subject: Tepper inquiry
Date: 13 August 1998
Memo: #36

I am not a Tepper, but:

I was told in LA about Marty and Lori Tepper in Woodland
Hills, Ca. by a woman whom I don't know and unfortunately
did not get a contact number. I also discovered these
Tepper folks are unlisted. I then
took a shot in the dark and contacted another Woodland Hills
Tepper. No luck or knowledge.

The reason I contacted you is because of a Tepper family,
Woodbine NJ listed in the census 1910. They are probably
listed in the 1900/1920 also. I have copies of all three
because the town is very important to
me, very historic, and I know so many of the listed, and/or
family members,etc.

If you'd like, I will check the other two yrs. and if I find
anything, will forward the info. to you.

The two folks on the 1910 census, in front of me, are Nathan
age 37 yrs., and Ester age 32 yrs., no children.
Naturalized 1898 or 9, and 1896 resp.. English speaking.
He worked in the local Hat Factory, Woodbine.

The town is via the Baron de Hirsch Fund, with records at
the Amer. Jewish Hist. Soc. Library, Waltham, Mass.
(Librarian is Michele Sampson). If you're interested in
Woodbine info. check site "Woodbinesynagogue.org/ or other

Good luck with your search. I will check my other ceusus
records and if there is further info., will send it to you.

Regards, Joan Breslow

from Russia Poland. Arrived in this

LISTOWNER'S NOTE: Ms. Breslow explained the last line to

The Woodbine Teppers were from "RussiaPoland" per the census
"arrived in this country ----(date), etc.

16 August 1998

From: Meryl
E-mail: FOODPHILE [@] aol.com
Subject: Tepper Query
Date: 16 August 1998
Memo: #37


I'm fairly new to this but must say I'm completely hooked!
At the moment I'm still focusing on my grandmother's side
of the family, from Kovla Russia. However, I have started
my father's side....Galicia and Grybow Poland. My
grandmother's sister Rose married a Tepper. When I have
more information I will get back in touch with you. My
grandmother was from Ryglic. If you have any ideas for me
I'd love to hear them. Thanks

Take care

24 August 1998

From: Carole Feinberg
E-mail: feincgs [@] mindspring.com
Subject: TEPPER [TOEPPER, and TOPFER] from Drohobycz
Date: 24 August 1998
Memo: #38


Bill Fern, of Westport, CT, hired Miriam Wiener, to research his family
names from the Drohobycz area. Bill and I are distantly related. He has
generously allowed me to share any data, so, here goes.

The following are extracts of names similar to what you are researching
from Drohobycz or Boryslaw:

1. Reizia ORNSTEIN married Boruch TOPFER

2. Josef ORNSTEIN m. Ettie Sussel KLING- HOFFER in
Drohobycz, 1914


2. Abraham David BRAWNER married Chaya Sura
(born 1888) TOEPPER/TOPFER 1915
3. Beile b. 1913 Drohobycz
2. Markus b. 1900 Opaka, married Rozia
SCHNEIDER 1936 Boryslaw

1. Isaak TOEPPER married Sara Chava ZWILLING

2. Feivel TOEPPER b. Opaka 1892, married
Deborah KLINGHOFFER 1920 Drohobycz
3. Wilhelm, b. 1921 Drohobycz
3. Leontyna b. 1923 Drohobycz

1. Israel TEPPER married Ettel HALLEMANN, 1936

2. Marek, b. 1924 Drohobycz
2. Zofia, b. 1927 Drohobycz

These are English extracts only. The researcher wasn't looking
specifically for TEPPER records. You understand that the authorities
didn't recognize religious marriages, and if the couple didn't marry in a
civil ceremony, the bride used the surname of her mother.

I have no further info. But, I hope this helps you with clues as to
possible alternate spellings.

Best wishes.


From: Leon Harris
E-mail: harrisL [@] juno.com
Subject: Tepper Info
Date: 24 August 1998
Memo: #39

Read your material on "yizkor digest" yesterday. I had attended junior
and high school in Albany, New York in the 40's with an <Elaine Tepper>.
Please advise if you are interested in contacting her. Regards, Leon
harrisL [@] juno.com

07 September 1998

From: David Lebo Taylor
E-mail: DTaylor781 [@] aol.com
Subject: New Summary
Date: 07 September 1998
Memo: #38

I am researching Max Joseph Taylor (Tepper), born 1877, in Riga, Latvia. He
and 2 brothers, Henry and Philip Taylor, came to the United States. Max
married Fanny Millen. Three other brothers left Latvia and went to England,
maintaining the Tepper name -- Wolfe, Frank and Isaac Tepper.

Max's father and mother's names may have been Pena and Toby.

11 September 1998

From: Ammi Tepper
Subject: Tepper, Topper, Toepfer, etc. Query
Date: 11 September 1998
Memo: #39

I have a very large family tree of the Teppers starting in Russia and
moving to Israel, and Canada and the USA. Will look for a scaner to
download this tree for all to see.

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